Start Your Clinical Pilates Here:

Clinical Pilates First 6

Start Your Clinical Pilates Journey and Find Real Relief in Just 6 Sessions.
Rm 1190 Rm1190 + SST = Rm1261
  • One Detailed Assessment Session, and the Design of your Personalised Programme by our Highly Qualified Senior Physiotherapists
  • Five More Sessions with a Senior Instructor, completing all of the core exercises of your core programme.

Once You've Completed Your Programme:

Continuing Maintenance 10

For Clients who have completed their First 6,
Now in the Continuing Maintenance Programme.
RM1000 of Value ​ Only for Clients who have completed their personalised Clinical Pilates Programmes
Rm 900 RM900 + SST= Rm954. 10 Sessions. 12 Weeks Validity
  • Keep your progress without the cost of one-on-one sessions.
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