Clinical Pilates Packages

Clinical Pilates First 6

Start Your Clinical Pilates Journey and Find Real Relief in Just 6 Sessions.
RM1440 of Value ​Covers your First Six Private Clinical Pilates Sessions to get you fit, safe, and ready for The continuing Maintenance Programme.
The initial session is guaranteed to be with the Head Physiotherapist to ensure a high quality assessment, with all sessions being performed by Trained Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates Staff.
Rm 1190 Rm1190 + SST = Rm1261
  • One Detailed Assessment Session, and the Design of your Personalised Programme by our Head Instructor.
  • Five More Sessions with a Senior Instructor, completing all of the core exercises of your core programme.

Continuing Maintenance 10

For Clients who have completed their First 6,
Now in the Continuing Maintenance Programme.
RM1000 of Value ​ Only for Clients who have completed their personalised Clinical Pilates Programmes
Rm 900 RM900 + SST= Rm954. 10 Sessions. 12 Weeks Validity
  • Keep your progress without the cost of one-on-one sessions.
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