Start the Body in Common Method Here:

You can live with less pain, less medication, and You’re worth it!

Don’t short-change your body with ‘quick fix’ services.  Real fixes take time, and living pain-free is worth the effort!

Step 1
Come in for a Trial Session

Rm 99 Trial Session
  • Includes a proper assessment, 1 on 1, with our experienced Degree-Holding Physiotherapy and Pilates Specialist Staff
  • Call or Whatsapp Bangsar for more info 0173255699
  • Call or Whatsapp Kota Damansara for more info 01117702502
  • Self Booking Ok!

    Click Here to Book Kota Damansara.

    Click Here to Book Bangsar.

    Book any Senior or Standard Instructor from the Schedule. No Login Required. Rm99 Payment on Arrival.

Step 2
Join the 'First 6'

Complete an additional 6 sessions. This is the perfect amount to see REAL DIFFERENCES - not just quick fixes!
By this time, your body will already be changing and You will have properly started your journey to living pain-free!
Starting from Rm 1261
  • With help from your assessing Physiotherapy and Pilates expert: select from our Standard Physios, Senior Physios, or Head Australian Physio
  • Build Directly on from your trial 1on1 session to build strength, stability, and pain-free movement
  • Feel the full support of our Australian and Malaysian, International Quality team

Step 3
Plan Your Path With Your Mentor

By this point You will know the plan, have noticed significant changes in your body, and will have built confidence in the process.
Every body is different, so the next step will be personalized to match your needs.
Prices Starting from Rm 324/month
  • Customized Plan to Suit Your Needs and Budget
  • Options to move into Group Fitness for Body Maintenance
  • Options to Continue 1on1's or Hybrid Programmes

Per Session Ok!

Rm Rm254-Rm324
  • If You're on the right track, book a single to check in with your Mentor and get your up-to-date plan.
  • Maintain your improvements, and Improve your body further

Need more Advice? Book a Call Above

If you’re unsure if Clinical Pilates is right for you, book a Phone call consultation with our staff.  One-size-does-not-fit-all!  We like to take the time to get to know you and find you a system that will get results.

Our front desk staff with take 5-10 minutes to ask about your general health and fitness, and can then recommend if Clinical Pilates is the right system for you, or whether you’d be better suited to a different system.  We take pride in our service, and we’re happy to chat!

Our Phone Numbers and Emails are below.

Please note: We won’t give you specialized Physio advice during the phone call.  To give you detailed advice, we need to do a detailed assessment, and that happens in the first Rm99 trial session, or First 6 Session.

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