Imagine working for a business...

That respects you and your personal time.
That gives you the training and support you need to level up.
That pays fairly, clearly, and on time.

Hi!  My name’s Andy, and I’m the ‘Big Boss’ of Body in Common.  

When we started BIC, we didn’t have a vision of creating the world’s biggest health and fitness chain.  We didn’t have dreams of large corporate tables and board meetings.  We just wanted to get out there, help people, and bring our special skills to the KL community.

And now, our team is made up of 16 skilled local staff who love to help people too!

Most of our staff have been with us for more than 2 years – some have been with us for 4+!  We believe the reason that our staff stay with us is that we believe in building a strong community of staff and clients.  Our workplace is comfortable, and our staff have the autonomy to do their jobs without anyone micromanaging them.  A workplace with no angry bosses, and high-quality mentoring and training.

(It also goes without saying that we have staff from all races and backgrounds  🙂  )

I hope you’re excited about our vision, and want to join our team!

But I Don't Know Pilates...

There are many specializations in Physiotherapy, Exercise Science, and other anatomy carrers, and it’s unlikely that you’re already a Clinical Pilates professional.  

Not to worry, as long as you have a strong foundation in Anatomy, and a passion for Exercise-based rehab, you’ll be able to adapt quickly.  

We provide Pilates training to successful applicants through a detailed 6-week system (Paid, On-the-job).

All You Really Need is:

  1. An enthusiastic, can-do attitude, with a fun, professional manner.
  2. At least two years of physiotherapy experience, sports science, or similar anatomy comprehension (Sorry – we can’t train fresh graduates)
  3. High-quality English


If you’re able to bring these elements to the table, we’ll bring our 10 years+ experience of training instructors to turn you into a high-quality, knowledgeable, and fun instructor!  Have a look at our Jobs below.

What your job looks like in detail:


Body in Common Bangsar or Body in Common KD

Major Responsibilities:
 A lot of Clinical…
  • Teaching 1-on-1 Clinical exercises to clients with chronic injuries such as back pain, knee pain, and other issues, using the Body in Common Clinical Method.
 A little bit of Private Fitness…
  • Not all clients have major body issues.  They just want 1-on-1 support to get fit and stay in shape as they age (gracefully!)
 A little bit more of Group Fitness…
  • We don’t believe in quick fixes without any kind of fitness solution afterwards.  So most of our clients eventually end up in group fitness Pilates classes as their fitness improves.
  • Teaching Group Fitness Pilates classes in our general fitness programme to people without injuries. Our general fitness clients are usually between 35-65 and are looking for fun, detailed Pilates classes.
  • All sessions types are 45 minutes long, with one session per hour.

Working Hours:

  • Full-time position
  • 6:45am-2:45pm – great hours leave you plenty of daylight after work.
  • 10am-11am lunch break.
  • Working Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, Sunday.
  • Days off are Monday and Friday.
  • Rm2800 Base Pay every Month, plus the employer EPF contibution (roughly Rm335 extra). 
  • Performance Bonus for high bookings up to a bonus of Rm1680 if you reach 80% booked.
What are the perks?
  • Your job is your gym!  Free group classes at any of our studios outside of your shift times.
  • 50% off Group Fitness and Clinical Sessions for your Immediate Family members.
  • Special Referral Bonus:  If you refer friends to our studio, we’ll give you a bonus.
  • Ongoing Clinical Pilates training at no cost to you.  Learn from the best Australian-taught instructors in Malaysia.
  • 50% off in-house retail products.
  • Full SOCSO, EIS, EPF compliance.
How to Apply?

Email [email protected] or fill out the form below!

Subject Title: Job Application for Clinical Pilates Instructor at Body in Common

  • Your name and basic info
  • A short introduction (say why you’d be a great fit).
  • Please add your CV with a photo so we can remember you!
  • A paragraph about your experience is very helpful.
Will we get back to you?

We read job application emails about once per week.  We’ll be in touch, and will give you the most up-to-date job info.

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