Scoliosis Management in Children

A Clinical Pilates Instructor Shows the ending position of the mermaid pose, used to treat Scoliosis.

Understanding and treating Children’s Scoliosis quickly is the key to living a pain-free life. Clinical Pilates with Physios is the best management tool.

Common Causes of Back Pain

A private 1-on-1 Clinical Pilates session, working on lower back mobility and stability at Body in Common

Suffering from Back Pain happens to everybody at some point in their life. Did you know that you can fix it without drugs and dangerous surgery?

Back Stretches

A Clinical Pilates client does a side-bend over the special equipment (called the ladder barrel). The exercise helps mobilise stiff spine segments.

You don’t have to live with lower or upper back pain. By doing a mix of strengthening and lengthening, you can improve your quality of life.